August 19, 2019
Jayz NFL

Black Folks Should Applaud JayZ’s NFL Move And Stop The Hating.

In 2019, in this era, you don't expect to win with just sentiment and getting emotional. Yes, Collin perfectly did what he had to do to raise awareness and protest the injustices Blacks face in America. However, JayZ's contract with the NFL will further enhance Colin's protest by going in there to see that those changes needed are applied. Colin Kaepernick did it in his own way and any right-thinking individual would know that you can't win using just one strategy. He has paved the way for people like JayZ to walk in and both moves cannot be conflicted rather, they should be complementing each other.
June 16, 2019

British Artist Labrinth releases new single – Miracle after 7 years.

Labrinth - Miracle: Makes you Realise How Much You've Missed Great Music. Labrinth has just released his first solo song “Miracle” after 7 years, on June 7th. The first since his platinum selling album “Electronic Earth” in 2012. 
May 24, 2019

Tough Talk: Annprincess daughter of Liberian warlord Prince Yormie Johnson

A Liberian refugee, daughter of a warlord who fled her tyrannical father and war-torn homeland with her mother when she was just seven years old has launched a pop career, drawing on her harrowing experiences for inspiration.
May 7, 2019
CA Awards: Creativity and Arts Awards

Nominations Open for Creativity & Arts Awards 2019.

UK's leading Creativity and Arts Awards is back! CA Awards is open to all creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs of every background.