Gender equality

March 8, 2019

Women are still faced with glass-ceiling in the workplace.

The gender pay gap remains largely unchanged at around 14%The share of women in the labour force has crept slightly higher to 64%, but this is still 16 percentage points below the male averageThe share of women in management has flatlined since last year at 32%Fewer women took the GMAT business-school entry exams, but this is in line with an overall fall in both men and women taking the testThe share of women on company boards slightly increased to 23%
March 6, 2019

70% of UK employers are discriminating against women, study finds.

Studies show that 39% of young mothers have been illegally asked in job interviews about how being a mother would affect their ability to work. What’s more 24% of employers believe women should work for them for at least a year before having children.