September 7, 2022
Zyler virtual clothing fitting technology

Zyler – A Smart Technology That Lets You Have You Clothing Fitted Virtually.

Zyler enables shoppers to try on clothing in a variety of styles right on their phones or desktops, before making a purchase. Users test different outfits on themselves virtually - to see what suits them, to find their style, and to save time shopping - uniquely, all with their own shape and size taken into account. With a large proportion of clothing purchases and sales made online now, consumers and retailers can enhance their shopping experience by using Zyler.
June 6, 2017
Facebook Mark with Lola FIN facebook group.

Mark Zuckerberg meets Nigerian Lola founder of FIN ahead of his planned summit to meet Facebook group admins

In an unprecedented move, Facebook yet again is setting the pace the world of social media in their quest to improving human connections. Revealing today of […]
January 10, 2017

Marissa Mayer to quit, Yahoo to be renamed Altaba after Verizon deal

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