Shina Ani

July 12, 2019
Halle Bailey to play Ariel the little Mermaid

Why The Fuss About Halle Bailey Being Cast as Ariel The Little Mermaid?

Versatile talent Halle Bailey (19), didn't just spring onto the big stage overnight, she's been having a rising profile especially through her relatively young career as a music artiste where she is half part of a 2-girl R&B group tagged "ChloexHalle" with her 21-year-old sister Chloe Bailey. Together recently, they both performed at the 2019 Super Bowl pre-game show and were nominated for two Grammys this year, 2019 for "Best New Artist" and "Best Urban Contemporary Album"
June 15, 2019

Sex is not a band-aid to hold any relationship – Chika Unigwe.

Sex cannot be a unifying factor in a failing relationship. "The long answer is that relationships are based on just more than sex, or ought to. Sex is not a band aid or glue to hold together a relationship that is cracking. I’ve known couples separate even while acknowledging that the sex was good." She says
May 28, 2019

Can Nigeria’s 4% of female lawmakers effect any meaningful change for women?

At this peculiar period, clamor for women participation in government is louder than ever. It is not entirely out-of-place therefore to highlight female visibility in the new set-up of the country's National Assembly (NASS) that becomes inaugurated in June.