January 27, 2020

Essential Networking Secrets Every Entrepreneur And Professional Must Know.

n the corporate world, it's how business partners meet and anyone in it or desires to have any business whatsoever must learn to succeed at it. Through networking, employers get their best employees, small businesses get that much-desired capital or funding. It's how marketers create their leads and prospects. It's how the world goes round.
March 19, 2019

Mum to Boutique Hotels: How Rachel Webb stumbled into a successful blogging career.

Rachel's story is one of many inspiring successful talent discoveries women make while at home bringing up their children. Hers is a testimony to so many ways parents can still achieve career fulfilment and still be there for the family.
March 18, 2019

Sherina White is a passionate foodie preparing amazing gourmet platters for corporates.

I knew I had to shift my life, from 21 years as a backing singer to the world’s finest artists including Kylie, Elton John, James Morrison,Florence & The Machine, Gorillaz and Rag N Bone Man, to focus on my teenage children and toddler.
January 4, 2019
10 Finance Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Tips on how to be more productive with your time as a working from home entrepreneur.

It's easy for motivational speakers to talk you into starting your own business. Yes, it's good to work for yourself, everyone needs to. Especially this era of social media and high tech generation where you can actually 'create the life you want' working on your hobbies or talent. As good as it sounds, being self employed just like the most preached against 9-5, has its own flaws and challenges. Time management among many others.