Black entrepreneurs

March 29, 2021
Tony Trowers - Entrepreneur success stories.

Ambition and Discipline: How Tony Trowers Built and Sustained Decades of Success in Business.

I treated myself to a brand new 911 Porsche, in 1999. I paid £89,000 for that car and I bought it outright. I made the purchase after securing and turning thirteen properties in a liquidation sale. Being successful has a whole host of challenges too and being a black person added to that. There were loads of barriers that I had to get through to be acknowledged. I had to let the job do the talking.
June 29, 2020
Eugenia Shaw

Entrepreneurs Navigating Through Business Challenges – Eugenia Shaw.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was protecting my intellectual property. As I am the formulator of my products I wanted to make sure that as I was developing my business I did not put my intellectual property at risk. That problem was solved for me when I happened upon The British Library Business and IP Centre. I went there for another event and discovered the centre. The centre helped me gain all the knowledge I needed on how to make sure my IP was protected moving forward.
June 26, 2020
Black entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Navigating Through Business Challenges – Busi Chamboko.

Building my business from scratch has been my biggest challenge. Prior to setting up my skin clinic, I had spent 6 years working abroad, so when I came back to London and decided to open the clinic doors, I had to build my client list from nothing.
June 26, 2020
Lee Chambers

Entrepreneurs Navigating through Business Challenges – Lee Chambers.

My challenges started before I'd even set up my first business. While finishing University I created a business plan for an idea I'd had around setting up a video game e-commerce company. I took this report to an established business advisor in Manchester, who looked through it and told me it was a sound proposition. But he then proceeded to tell me that he felt that I would struggle to execute it in that industry as I was young, black and disruptive, and the industry was controlled by the old guard.