June 16, 2019

Politics has rendered Leadership Useless if all it gives are these.

We are in desperate times when the world over needs great leaders more than ever. Unfortunately, the times we are in continue to gobble out more and more catastrophes in the name of leadership. Politics has woefully failed whatever definition is had of leadership. From America's to the Brits, it becomes even scarier to imagine who are the captains staring the affairs of the world.
June 8, 2019

Former President Goodluck Jonathan named Chairman of International Summit Council For Peace.

According to former president, “It is interesting that almost all the electoral management bodies in Africa are identified with the prefix ‘Independent’, but the jury is still out on whether these agencies are truly independent as their names imply.
June 7, 2019

Breaking News: AIT shut down indefinitely.

The commission accuses AIT/Rapower of embarking on use of inflammatory, divisive, inciting broadcasts, and media propaganda against the government and, therefor on performing its statutory functions of regulating the broadcast industry in Nigeria, decides there's enough evidence to suspend the broadcasting corporation.
May 28, 2019

Can Nigeria’s 4% of female lawmakers effect any meaningful change for women?

At this peculiar period, clamor for women participation in government is louder than ever. It is not entirely out-of-place therefore to highlight female visibility in the new set-up of the country's National Assembly (NASS) that becomes inaugurated in June.