June 15, 2019
WorldRemit For Business Solution

WorldRemit For Business Solution Enables SMEs Pay Freelancers Abroad With Ease.

Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa among emerging markets to benefit from WorldRemit for Business payment solution, a new service that enables small and medium-sized businesses to quickly pay their employees and contractors in 140 countries worldwide.
May 28, 2019

Why Brit businesses are taking the nosedive and what emerging ones are doing to stay afloat.

"They're not embracing digital channels and delivering a consistent experience across all the channels. In their mind, there is still the offline and online world, when in reality consumers don't notice that divide, they expect to see and experience the same message, offer or promotion at any touch point, seamlessly,"
May 22, 2019

Mother launches app to enable parents track children’s nutrition.

The Minimeals App stops parents from freaking out about sugar and salt but being more concerned with moderation and their child's overall wellbeing. The app will remind parents their child may need more or less and that recommendations are not one-size fits all. 
May 7, 2019
CA Awards: Creativity and Arts Awards

Nominations Open for Creativity & Arts Awards 2019.

UK's leading Creativity and Arts Awards is back! CA Awards is open to all creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs of every background.