May 28, 2019

Can Nigeria’s 4% of female lawmakers effect any meaningful change for women?

At this peculiar period, clamor for women participation in government is louder than ever. It is not entirely out-of-place therefore to highlight female visibility in the new set-up of the country's National Assembly (NASS) that becomes inaugurated in June.
May 26, 2019

Theresa May’s hunting legacy of pain should not be ‘tear glossed’ over.

'Tear glossing' over Theresa May's inhumane legacy on grenfell fire, windrush, austerity and other dehumanising policies against immigrants and anyone who doesn't match her human description during her reign as both home secretary and prime minister, would be a disrespect to humanity and decency.
May 24, 2019

Tough Talk: Annprincess daughter of Liberian warlord Prince Yormie Johnson

A Liberian refugee, daughter of a warlord who fled her tyrannical father and war-torn homeland with her mother when she was just seven years old has launched a pop career, drawing on her harrowing experiences for inspiration.
May 7, 2019
CA Awards: Creativity and Arts Awards

Nominations Open for Creativity & Arts Awards 2019.

UK's leading Creativity and Arts Awards is back! CA Awards is open to all creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs of every background.