November 20, 2021
PadHer operates as a non-profit organization and as a social enterprise. As a non-profit, PadHer provides innovative ways to educate young African schoolgirls in under-served communities on periods and puberty while making sanitary pads free and accessible.

One Comic Book At a Time, Chika Nwaogu Is On A Mission To Eradicate Period Poverty And Stigma

In a bid to combat this phenomenon, a Nigerian entrepreneur, Chika Nwaogu, co-founder and executive director of PadHer, a Lagos-based women-led nonprofit is making it free, fun, easy, and comfortable teaching young African school girls from under-served communities about periods and puberty using comic books. 
December 9, 2020

India Hit By a Sudden loss of Consciousness illness. Hundreds Hospitalized.

Officials say waterborne disease and covid are ruled out. Viruses causing dengue, chikungunya or herpes have also been ruled out as the cause or contributor.
March 30, 2020

Covid19: Africa live updates.

This page is continually being updated with facts and figures as we receive them. Source – WHO, Africa CDC (Africa Centre of Disease Control). #Factsnotfear COVID-19 […]
March 20, 2020

Covid19 Nigeria: Abuja Set To Scale-up Preventive Measures- Shuts down schools.

The minister also directed that social gatherings and worship centres should be restricted to avoid large gatherings that could further endanger the health of others, stressing that shop owners who fail to provide hand sanitizers and other preventive measures should be closed down indefinitely.